The power of engaging customers with personalised and dynamic omni channel communications: RunGopher’s remarkable customer stories

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We met RunGopher at CeBIT start up last year and we got their solution straight away, predicting and engaging customers in the right way and at the right time has all of sudden became easily accessible and meaningful for many organisations.

Imagine enhancing your customer relationships and improving your customers’ experience by having highly personalised, two way conversations across multiple channels from SMS, email, IVR, Social and Voice. Many organisations may have felt that this was too hard, costly or technical for their organisation but RunGopher is a solution that is enabling a whole range of organisations to create omni channel experiences with ease.

When you consider that the open rate of SMS is 98% compared to an average 22% for email and at a $1 per transaction compared to much higher costs of phone or face to face, its easy to see why there are a range of businesses talking with RunGopher about how they can use their product as part of their digital business strategy.

Gopher have developed some powerful use cases with customers over the past year from financial services to NFPs this tool has helped organisations achieve a real and significant uplift in engagement and experience.

  • Lost opportunity survey for a financial services firm that enabled them to determine 34% were not actually lost opportunities and 3% requested call backs.
  • A fund raising follow up: Had a response rate of over 60% results within 48 hours 5 times as many conversions compared with call centres & emailing correct addresses for 30% who requested mail outs.
  • A fund raising event increased response rates to 60% by combining an email and SMS campaign. recipients ‘with email addresses’, was 62%, and the conversation response rate to recipients without email addresses was 43% – an overall rate of 60% for the entire population.

We can think there are a plethora of use cases that haven’t been thought of yet not including RunGopher being powerful tool to fix some age old business bug bears from CRM data cleansing, recycling leads, to reduced data entry and effort for customer service and customers.


RunGopher is giving away 3 free custom conversation builds for the best use case submitted.

Text “Competition” to 0488114115 and enter the draw to win!!