Why SalesforceIQ is the new BFF for Small Business & Sales teams

force4change Blog

I have been up and running with SalesforceIQ since December and its become a very indispensible tool. SalesforceIQ is a tool for Salesforce users aimed at SMBs and Sales teams.

How do I use it:

  • I create and convert leads to opportunities on the fly within my email app and it automatically adds the contact, and details
  • I forward my emails associated with the opportunity at the click of a button – it actually prompts me to associate the emails with an opportunity or an account / contact.
  • Because I do this – it’s gives us a full history of the account and any of the team has the context and conversations/interactions at hand
  • I’m not having to leave my inbox where I am working saves having to enter details into Salesforce at the same time as responding to emails or at a later date when its become a chore

    It’s an incredible time saver and it actually reinforces the right CRM behaviors for me as sales lead and enables everyone to have a view of the customer and interactions

    I haven’t really used it yet to priorities lead engagement but this is very powerful too – a system that intelligently points out what I should be working on is a time saver and very clever again the fact it prompts you makes you think about the priority interactions and engagements that you have and what your data is telling you, what insights you have and how and whether your qualifying leads effectively.

    For any sales team you will know that entering data consistently and at all is an adoption battle and SalesforceIQ has just solved much of the data entry headache for sales teams – a must install app!