Global Electronics Brand

“When force4change came on board they knew exactly the need for Salesforce within our organisation and how to make it work for us effectively. They were very knowledgeable about the technologies but most importantly the human aspect. They assessed our situation and tailored a change management strategy that suited us, to ensure we got the most value from using Salesforce. force4change has made our business more effective and efficient”

– David Bryant, GM Corporate Services


This client has been a major player in consumer, commercial and infrastructure electronic systems since 1967. They are a company dedicated to customer service and the manufacture of products that hinged on the hallmarks of performance and dependability. In a competitive market the desire to optimise the sales pipeline and representative was omnipresent. Key stakeholders were disconnected both spatially and technologically. A desire for mobile sales solutions, more flexible working conditions, improved task management and customer service and case management highlighted a need to review processes, technology and culture.


force4change defined and executed an end-to-end program for the transformational change that surrounded the enterprise roll-out of Salesforce. Working with key stakeholders, a change approach was designed that would take into account the environment for change, learning styles, organisational structure, legacy technology, culture and norms.

Key Services
• Change Assessment & Change Management Strategy
• Skills audit and stakeholder readiness program
• Internal project communications and engagement – Briefings and Email based campaigns
• Project governance, stakeholder mobilisation & support
• Leadership Support & development
• Change Management facilitation and support through out the project life cycle
• Management and delivery of User Acceptance Testing
• Learning & Development Program
• Instructor-led training delivery
• Adoption & coaching, job aides and quick guides and reinforcement program.


Assuring success and benefits realisation are crucial; a key element that enabled the program to be successful was our team support and leader advisory ensuring that it was a positive experience for all stakeholders. Our communication and awareness strategies built a culture and commitment to develop and empower teams with Salesforce, continually.

Through our program, together with the work of our partners – the company has achieved significant culture shift and benefits from the program steamed by over 80% adoption of Salesforce.

From designing an approach, mobilizing stakeholders to supporting teams adopt Salesforce successfully, we are proud to have participated in this amazing project and success story


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